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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

You can make the difference

The Construction Alliance is a collaboration of trade organisations that represents a wide cross-section of the construction industry.

The Alliance has been formed at an opportune time. The UK faces unprecedented fiscal pressures that will affect both public and private investment and our markets are changing as our customers alter their priorities and demand ‘more for less’. Our position within the supply chain, with our all-round visibility, puts us in a unique position for advising The Strategic Forum for Construction on viable and practical steps that our industry can take to meet these challenges head on.

We have set up this website to communicate with our founding trade federations. We hope to use it as a platform to debate ideas and issues with members who wish to help us in our mission to inform government thinking and to promote best practice throughout the industry.

The Forum is currently addressing how our industry can deliver ‘more for less’ and I look forward to hearing members’ ideas for promotion at the Forum and to keeping members informed of our deliberations. I urge you to participate in this debate, either through the discussion board on the website, or through your trade federations. It is an important debate which could dictate our working environment for the next generation and it is our members, with front line experience, who will make the informed difference.

-       Mark Wakeford – chief spokesperson, the Construction Alliance

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